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Axent Raptor Firewall Configuration Reporting

This script runs on the Eagle firewall and generates a report on some of the current configuration settings. Trying to get a visual feel for the security configuration was very difficult, so, this script parses the configuration files and generates a visual report. All of the configuration options may have not yet been completed. If you have special need of a configuration table, feel free to let me know so I can make the addition.

Perl source available upon registration
Features included

  • Redirections defined
  • VPN information
  • Interface settings
  • Defined filters
  • Users defined
  • Version installed
  • Group entities
  • Current GSP configuration
  • Listing of host and network entities defined
  • Custom services configuration
  • Current settings defined in Eagle configuration file
  • Gateway access rules configuration
  • Ftp message of the day
  • Telnet gateway message of the day.
View a sample of the configuration report HERE

Download the zip file with the compiled PERL script. To create the HTML report, place the executable in the same directory with the configuration files from the "sg" Raptor installation and run it.
Get the zip file HERE

For more information or customization,
contact Bobby Brown e-mail: