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Network and Security Administration
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Syslog activity reporting from standard syslog output.
Provides HTML reports based on syslog alerts. Web interface allows for filtering and displaying X number of alerts.


Logfile activity reporting for Axent Raptor Firewall.
Provides HTML reports of overall protocol usage and detail web activity of users


Configuration reporting for Axent Raptor Firewall.
Provides a HTML report listing most all the configuration settings of the running firewall.


Web browsing activty reporting for MS Proxy Server.
Provides a HTML report of each user's web browsing activities and overall traffic for HTTP and FTP access. Option to e-mail FTP download report to administrator for downloaded programs


Microsoft server assessment and security scanner provides a HTML report with information gathered from registry, port scanning, known IIS vulnerabilities, and other system information. Used by administrators and security analysts to determine proper configuration of server.