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Axent Raptor firewall logfile reporting tool.
The logfiles created by firewalls can easily become large and difficult to determine activity of server. This tool allows administrators to generate reports showing the various protocol usage and busiest time of day. Configuration file allows customization of reports and addition of protocol description for better readability.
Perl source available upon registration
  • Sorting selection for protocol reports by data transfered or by requests made 02/23
  • Web usage report does not list connection failures or client resets 02/23
  • Source displays user id for protocols using authentication
  • Web usage report shows user id if available
  • Web usage report shows connections per site per user now
  • Configuration option to show top X entries in tables.
  • Reports total bytes transfered and total per protocol transfered through firewall
  • Reports total transferred by users per protocol
  • Reports total transfer per hour<
  • Shows percentage of total per protocol

Current options available from configuration file include:
  • Sort options for protocol reports
  • Protocol descriptions
  • Set the Time Zone Offset
  • Select CLF file generation on or off
  • Turn on/off slected protocol reporting
  • Select time frame of day for report
  • Select interface report option
View a sample of the report available with all options turned on HERE

View a sample of the Web usage detail report HERE

View a sample of the CLF file to be used by 3rd party http trafic analyzers HERE

Get the zip file with program, readme, and support files HERE

Contact Bobby Brown at for more info or help with this reporting tool.