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Microsoft Server Assessment and Vulnerability Scanner


This tool was developed to provide the ability to scan Microsoft servers and gather extensive configuration information and perform vulnerability checks. It can be used to view information as an authenticated user or as an anonymous user to determine the visibility of server.
Perl source available upon registration

  • Compiled as an executable, installation of Perl not required
  • Gathers generic system information such as version, uptime, servicepack, and registration
  • List disk drives, total and free space
  • List IP addresses assigned
  • Retrieves list of installed hotfixes
  • Display current auditing settings
  • Displays local account policy settings
  • Displays local boot.ini file to monitor for dual boot servers
  • Displays all local users
  • Displays all local groups and members
  • Displays selected registry key value settings. Configured by use of text file
  • Displays dump of selected registry keys for monitoring of values and entries
  • Display W2K Local Security Settings
  • Displays all installed services along with status and startup account
  • Displays list of all current running processes
  • Check Microsoft SQL server for default SA login passwords
  • Checks SNMP connection using default public and private communitry strings
  • Checks known IIS vulnerabiities read from user configured text file
  • Scans selected ports from user configuration file

View a sample report HERE
Get the zip file with program and readme files HERE
Run the program with a server name or IP address as the argument