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Microsoft Proxy Server Reporting Tool

MS Proxy Logfile Analyzer and Report Generation

The logfiles created by servers can easily become large and difficult to determine activity of server. This tool allows administrators to generate reports showing the various protocol usage and busiest time of day.

Perl source available upon registration

  • Reads a text file with ip addresses mapped to users for anonymous access logging
  • Option to create a comma delimited file for database import. Option -d
  • Source displays user id for protocols using authentication
  • Web usage report shows user id if available
  • Web usage report shows connections per site per user now
  • Reports total bytes transfered and total per protocol transfered through firewall
  • Reports total transferred by users per protocol
  • Reports total transfer per hour

View a sample of the Web general usage report HERE
View a sample of the Web usage detail report HERE

Get the zip file with script and readme files HERE